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Artist Statement


Music for me is the best way to deliver my emotions and feelings. Music is a very powerful medium that can make people laugh, cry, and dance. What I try to serve to my audiences is the feeling I have experienced. The most grateful thing in the world is to have someone that agrees with my feelings and resonates with such emotions from my music. Music is the one that will never betray you. When I feel sorrowful or joyful, I can always tell my secret with my instruments. I can embed my thoughts and stories in my music. When I compose or learn a new piece of music, no one can take it away from me. That is the power of music.

As an airline pilot. I have traveled to many countries. I am a wood log, drifting on the river.

I spend more time in the hotel rooms than in my own house. However, I enjoy drifting around the world. These unique experiences are spices for my life. It provides me unique inspirations for my music creations. It can be enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the view of La Rive Gauche in Paris. It can be the memory of having the tastiest street food while roaming in Bangkok, and the next day, flying to snowy Vienna, drinking Mulled Wine, listening to one of the best symphony orchestras in the world. I want to share such experiences with others, my audiences. 

Music can be in any form. Though I am best at Fingerstyle guitar. I love various instruments. I play piano, flute, saxophone, bass. Different instruments can express music differently. I will choose whichever instrument that is most suitable to express my feeling. I play various roles when it comes to music. It is all about passion and joyfulness. When I perform, I enjoy interacting with my audiences. When I compose, I enjoy creating and embedding my own emotion in the music. When I work as a music producer, I enjoy gathering other music lovers’ works and combining them. Music is about how you spice up your lifestyle. It can be in any form. With music, life is full of infinite possibilities.

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